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Thanksgiving And Drew’s 50th Birthday – North Carolina Weekend

It was a simple holiday trip to North Carolina that Emily had been planning since the middle of the summer. Our sister-in-law Fran reached out and mentioned she wanted to have a special birthday gathering for Emily’s brother Drew and after 2 seconds of contemplation, the hotel was booked and Pinterest saw a spike in their birthday ideas pin volume…. Read more »

Road Trip 2010 – Day 4

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Today was our day to pack up the car and continue to head North.  After Hunter polished off the box of chocolate chip waffles, we got the car packed, said our goodbyes and continued on our journey.  Our destination for this Monday was Winchester, VA.  The drive was roughly 5 hours, and Emily had a stop planned for us at… Read more »

Road Trip 2010 – Day 3

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We woke to another oven of a day in North Carolina.  Hunter decided that 6:30 a.m. was a perfect time to greet the day, and he thought that he should play drums to start the day.  We helped him understand that the neighborhood might not want to wake up to his concert but that he could play later in the… Read more »

Road Trip 2010 – Day 2

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We awoke after a good night’s sleep (aside from Hunter waking up at 4:00 am) in North Carolina.  We couldn’t have planned the North Carolina stay better being that we got to enjoy a mild first day of 101 degrees.  Didn’t think that we would leave Florida only to find warmer weather, but what can you do. After a quick… Read more »

Road Trip 2010 – Day 1

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It has been two years since our last road trip so we were eagerly anticipating our trip.  Hunter and I are so lucky that Emily is such an amazing road trip planner.  From hotel stays, to fun places to eat, and also having just the right clothes in each suitcase so we don’t have to take 5 bags into every… Read more »