Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort – Spring Break Day Two

After a fun first day relaxing at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, we were finally settled in and enjoying the start to our relaxing week.  Although it was a bit brisk, and quite windy, that didn’t stop Colonel and I from our traditional bike ride to the beach.  Since I already had my bike, we met down by the Community Center to pick up a bike for him and we were on our way.  This activity provided the perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful sunrise photos across the resort.  I have mentioned this before but riding bikes to the beach is one of my absolute favorite things to do on our Hilton Head vacations.  With the wind as strong as it was, we didn’t bike very far on the beach but it was just nice being out there.  The bike ride gave me a chance to capture some time lapse video from my bike mounted GoPro.

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

We returned to the main resort area and greeted the rest of our party, who were just waking up.  The boys had already set up Chutes & Ladders and were playing when I arrived home.  Since they were cozy in their pajamas, Colonel and I agreed to head down to the Tide Me Over quick service restaurant to pick up some breakfast to bring back to the room.  A delicious start to our morning.

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort - Hammock

We finished our breakfast and got dressed and ready for the day.  Emily and Kee had the itch to go shopping so they headed over to Belk and a few other shops that were located just minutes from the resort.  Colonel and I took the boys to explore the resort and play the various games located throughout.  Our first stop was the hammock, which you wouldn’t think on the surface is actually a game, until you have two boys under the age of ten.  Not quite sure how we made it out of that experience with all of our bones intact, but we managed.  

On our way to our next stop the boys spotted the famous Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort luggage cart so they hopped on as I pushed them to our next location.  As we were exploring the grounds we spotted a bocce ball court, which was a new addition from our last visit.  The boys had never played bocce before but quickly caught onto the rules that you have to throw the balls as hard as possible to bang them into the wood rails.  The late sleepers in the area surely appreciated our mid-morning visit.

After my head had its share of bocce ball we worked our way toward the Community Center to play some shuffleboard.  With all of this active gameplay I think the boys are going to be ready to dominate at the retirement home.  We played a few games of shuffleboard, and by games I mean disk bashing, and then headed up to the Community Center area where they had board games as well as a video game system.  Since we were on vacation I diverted them away from the video games and we played a few board games like Battleship, Operation, and Jenga.  Just as we were finishing our games Emily and Kee met us in the Community Center, returning from the shopping experience.

Now that the gang was all back together, we grabbed some lunch at Tide Me Over, enjoying the clear crisp afternoon overlooking the water.  After lunch, Emily and Kee had a little more shopping they wanted to do so they took the boys and Colonel and I got a little time to chill.  

Upon their return from shopping the Hayes family took a stroll through the resort to enjoy the afternoon weather.  We played a little basketball and enjoyed the walking path along the water.  There are a bunch of boat slips located between Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and the main land where there are boats of all sizes.  We enjoyed looking at the different vessels and imagining what they looked like on the inside.

Hilton Head Island British Open Pub

We returned to the room to get dressed and ready for dinner.  We were going to a location which we had never been before, the British Open Pub.  We traveled ten minutes down the road to our location.  One of the huge plusses to vacationing on Hilton Head Island is the fact that most everything you want to see and do is within 10-20 minutes.  The dinner was good but nothing to write home about (although I guess you could technically say I am writing home right now, but I digress).  

We returned to the resort and were excited to be in our pajamas and relaxing.  Because we had a big day ahead, we called it an evening so that Emily could put the finishing touches on Hunter’s tenth birthday gift.  She also waited for the boys to fall asleep so that we could put up the fun decorations that would greet the birthday boy when he awoke.  Overall a perfectly relaxing day at the resort.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Spring Break Day Two Photo Slideshow

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