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23 Hours of Mickey… A Sad Tale

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Hayes Family Fish Tank

For as much time as we spend at Disney, my assumption is you are thinking this post is about one of our crazy weekend experiences at the park.  While you would be correct on the weekend part, this had nothing to do with any theme park at all. It started Saturday when Emily needed to run to Michael’s to pick… Read more »

Thanksgiving And Drew’s 50th Birthday – North Carolina Weekend

It was a simple holiday trip to North Carolina that Emily had been planning since the middle of the summer. Our sister-in-law Fran reached out and mentioned she wanted to have a special birthday gathering for Emily’s brother Drew and after 2 seconds of contemplation, the hotel was booked and Pinterest saw a spike in their birthday ideas pin volume…. Read more »

Kee & Colonel’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

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50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

I can honestly say it has truly been a pleasure having Kee and Colonel be such a big part of our lives.  I have had the pleasure of knowing them for about the last 15 years and have come to know them both as remarkable human beings.  Kee is an amazing mother and best friend to Emily, as well as a loving… Read more »

Hunter Patrick Hayes – Week Two

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Week two with Hunter Patrick Hayes was strikingly similar to week one. He has this amazing routine going now that consists of: screaming, eating, screaming, pooping, screaming, sleeping, screaming, and then screaming. Not sure how he developed this pattern so quickly, but he is automatic. Thank goodness for Grandma and Grandpa Griffin who are helping us out sooooo much. Many… Read more »