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Needless to say we are quite the Disney fans, visiting Walt Disney World often as it is right in our backyard.  But when we get the opportunity, we also love to visit the original, Disneyland.  We decided for our spring break 2016 trip, we would head out to Anaheim for a few half the week, and then spend the second half of the week visiting Grandma Jean and Papa Don is Scottsdale, AZ.


Thanks to Emily, I got a GoPro for my 40th birthday which provided for a lot of fun capturing the moments from the entire week.  I compiled videos of the different days of our trip and made the into a playlist that you can watch below.



We began the trip with an early flight out of Orlando en route to Los Angeles, CA.  Although the flight was turbulent and lengthy, we were excited to arrive in California.  We arranged a limo to take us from the airport to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, where we would be staying.  We made the most out of day one, spending the majority of the afternoon exploring Disney’s California Adventure park and planning what we wanted to do for the rest of our visit.


The second day is always the toughest as your body isn’t adjusted to the time change yet so you end up waking up way to early in the morning, ready to embrace the day.  We made the most out of our day exploring a great deal of the entire Disneyland Resort.  We had a delicious breakfast at Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel, and rode a ton of rides at both Disneyland Park as well as Disney’s California Adventure.  We had a scrumptious lunch at Cafe Orleans and finished up with some Mexican food at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill.  Many more photos and memories were captured in the day two blog post below.


We started catching our stride on day three, as we were excited to celebrate Hunter’s 9th birthday!  We focused our attention on Disney’s California Adventure Park, hitting the park early to try to get as much done as we could before the crowds arrived.

Travel to Disneyland Resort – Spring Break 2016 Day One

The first day of our spring break 2016 trip involved a lengthy flight from Orlando to California but once we arrived we were ready to explore. We arranged a limo ride from the airport to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel where we checked our bags and headed out to the parks to explore. We enjoyed the afternoon at Disney’s California Adventure park where we made plans for all the things we wanted to do the rest of the week. Because of the time change we retired to the room early, excited for the rest of our week.

A Day Around Disneyland Resort – Spring Break 2016 Day Two

The first full day in California is always an early awakening due to the time change from Florida.  The boys and I woke up at 3:30 am.  Lucky for Emily, she doesn’t always have the jetlag/time change problem, so she was able to sleep in a little extra. Our first stop of the day was Emily’s absolute favorite breakfast spot at… Read more »

Disney’s California Adventure Park – Spring Break 2016 Trip Day Three

Having battled the crowds across the Disneyland Resort yesterday, and the fact that we were still kind of running on EST, team Hayes agreed that it was in our best interest to take full advantage of the early extra magic hour at Disney’s California Adventure on Hunter’s birthday.  We arose around 6 am, got the boys some cereal, and made… Read more »

Another Disneyland Resort Day – Spring Break 2016 Trip Day Four

After our early morning success yesterday we agreed to take advantage of Disney’s California Adventure Park early extra magic hour today as well.  We decided to save ourselves some steps and wait in the Grand Californian Hotel park entrance line which was equally as long as it had been the prior day.  This time we headed for Toy Story Midway… Read more »

Our Last Day at the Disneyland Resort – Spring Break 2016 Trip Day Five

Our last day at Disneyland… let the tears commence.  It is always sad the last day of the theme park vacation because there are so many things that you wanted to do before you arrived that you ultimately didn’t have enough time to do.  Although we have Walt Disney World right in our backyard, there is still something about being… Read more »