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A Cozy Wilderness Lodge Birthday Weekend

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Friday, January 12th – Wilderness Lodge Arrival and Dinner at Artist Point It was that time of year once again, when the Hayes’ family birthday rotation kicks itself into high gear. We don’t get much downtime between the Christmas festivities and the first birthday of the year, that of our little buddy Sawyer. Because his birthday falls on the 23rd… Read more »

Our Christmas Holiday Spirit Day – Disney Springs & Magic Kingdom

Christmas & Santa at Disney Springs After spending the prior several weekends either traveling or decorating for the holidays, we were ready to get out of the house and get some holiday cheer.  Ever since I can remember, we have singled out one weekend day in December to head to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) for a visit and photo… Read more »

Disney Springs, Sprinkles Cupcakes, LEGO Store & More!

Disney Springs Town Center, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Wolfgang Pucks, LEGO Store and More! It was a day Emily had marked on her calendar exactly one year ago to the day.  So what was so significant about May 15, 2016, you ask?  It was the opening of the new section of Disney Springs ,but more importantly, the opening of the Orlando, Florida,… Read more »

Dinosaur Day at Disney Springs

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Disney Springs 2015

Chalk up another win for Emily in the idea and theming department with today’s festivities!  With the recent release of The Good Dinosaur, Emily decided it would be a fun idea to have a Dinosaur Day with the boys.  If you have been following along with Hayesvision then you probably know that raptor calls and T-Rex growls have become commonplace… Read more »