Harvest Classic

The Harvest Classic story started in 1989 when a group of ambitious men were looking for an excuse the escape the doldrums of the Midwestern winter.  Their sites were set on Arizona where they could get some sun and play the game they loved the most, golf.  And so the Harvest Classic was born.  Now over 20 years later the group of men has changed and expanded but the idea remains the same, great company and great golf.

Although many come to play each year, very few have had the glory of walking away with the coveted Harvest Classic trophy.  Below you can see of list of to three finishes by all Harvest Classic participants.  Only Vern can verify the numbers shown below.  As you can see the most senior Hayes has dominated this tournament since it’s inception.  All of the Hayes brothers have performed well throughout the past 21 years.


Historic Harvest Classic Tournaments




























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