Patrick on February 18th, 2012

Because the Colonel has to work tomorrow we are celebrating Grandma Kee’s birthday tonight. Looking forward to Beer Can Chicken!


Patrick on November 3rd, 2011

Hunter and I spent the morning exploring our favorite locations around Hilton Head Island. We were in search of frogs or lizards, neither of which we were able to find.

After exploring the corners of the island with Hunter, the Colonel and I decided to rent some bikes and take our annual ride along the beach. The weather was perfect for the ride as we enjoyed a nice breeze off the ocean.


After our ride on the beach, Hunter, Emily and Grandma met us for a nice lunch at the resort beach house.


Patrick on October 27th, 2011

Hunter and I are enjoying a beautiful evening in the backyard catching lizards.


Patrick on March 5th, 2011

harvest2011day3-13The 25th annual Harvest Classic Golf Tournament has come to a close and has crowned first time winner Patrick Toney as the champ.  Based on a late game decision by Harvest Commissioner James Hayes the tournament was extended to five rounds and the scramble tournament was canceled.  Knowing that the leaders had another 36 holes to play caused many of the contenders to lose sleep due to nerves.

The players all arose at 6:00 to make their first tee time off the back nine of the Island Course that they played on Friday.  The round of the morning belonged to Patrick Toney scoring +5 points and putting him in a tie for first with early leader Bob Hayes.  Jim Hayes also had a great round at the Island Course scoring +3 points trying to stage one of the greatest comebacks in Harvest history.  Brothers Bob and Tom Hayes both scored +1 against their quota and comprised two of the players, along with Patrick Toney and Jim Hayes that would complete the final pairing.

Everything was riding on the final 18 holes which was played at the Copperhead Course which was in preparation for the Transitions PGA  Tournament  which will be played in two weeks.  The greens were fast and the rough was long but that was no match for the talented golfers.  What was clearly the most difficult round of the tournament for the entire field was dominated by Patrick Toney.  Talk about strong finishes Toney scored +7 points to his quota and ended up beating second place finisher Bob Hayes by 8 points.   When we caught up with Toney after the round and he said, “I was in the zone man!”

Hayesvision also had a chance to talk with a disappointed Vern Shukoski who immediately left the 18th green to pack his bags for the next leg of his book signing tour.  Vern said, “You can’t blame me and my game for gravitating toward my competition.  I hope we can open the field up next year to bring some competitors of my caliber.”

The biggest move of the tournament belonged to Kent Dickson who moved from 10th place after the opening round and finishing in 4th.  Dickson was found looking for flights home on Thursday night but admitted he was happy he stayed.

Hayesvision was also able to catch up with Terry Haack after Saturday’s final round for comments on his last place finish.  Haack said, “With Kenny gone I just couldn’t find my mojo.”    The entire field echoed Haack’s sentiments agreeing that without Don “Kenny” Hayes around the Harvest Classic just isn’t the same.

As always the Harvest Classic was a great chance to catch up with an awesome group of guys.  Thanks to the Harvest group and all of the Hayes brothers for continuing a great tradition.  Hayesvision also wants to thank Vern Shukoski for organizing this great event and providing us with endless material.  Also a huge congratulations goes out to Patrick Toney for getting his first Harvest Classic victory!

Below are the final scores for the tournament.

Harvest Classic 2011 - Rounds 4 & 5

Innisbrook Golf Resort - Palm Harbor, FL

Place Player Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total
1 Patrick Toney 0 -4 +2 +5 +7 +10
2 Bob Hayes +6 0 -4 +1 -1 +2
3 Tom Hayes 0 -4 +3 +1 -1 -1
4 Kent Dickson -7 0 0 -5 0 -12
5 Vern Shukoski -4 -2 -4 -6 0 -16
5 Kevin Hayes +4 -8 -3 -6 -3 -16
7 Tom Duffy -6 -2 +2 -7 -4 -17
8 Jim Hayes -6 -1 -4 +3 -6 -18
9 Jeff Riester 0 -2 -2 -9 -9 -22
10 Patrick Hayes -8 -7 0 -2 -6 -23
11 Terry Haack -5 -11 -3 -10 -4 -33

Patrick on March 5th, 2011

After a late night decision by the Commish Jim Hayes the 2011 Harvest Classic was extended to five rounds due to the fact that the final round will be played at the Copperhead course.

Fourth round scores were as follows:

Patrick Toney – +5
Jim Hayes – +3
Bob Hayes – +1
Tom Hayes – +1
Patrick Hayes – -2
Kent Dickson – -5
Kevin Hayes – -6
Vern Shukoski – -6
Tom Duffy – -7

Jeff Riester –  -9

Terry Haack – -10

The final pairing for the final round will be Bob Hayes +3, Patrick Toney +3, Tom Hayes 0, and Jim Hayes -8. Stay tuned for the nail-biting final right here at Hayesvision.

Patrick on March 4th, 2011

harvest-2011-29Day two at the Innisbrook Golf Resort brought beautiful weather and a lot of mediocre golf.  The first round of the two rounds was played at the Island Course.  The players got up before the sun, had some breakfast, and were the first three groups off the back nine.  After all the players had a chance to warm up the previous day there were no excuses to be made for their performance.  As you can tell by the previous post however many, including myself, were still looking for some excuses for how poorly they played.  Bob Hayes and Kent Dickson were the best performers of the morning round each scoring even points.

After a quick bite to eat for lunch the players header over to the Highlands North course for the second 18 of the day and the third official round of the tournament.  The group was much looser after some early morning beers took the edge off.  Although the wind was still blowing 10-20 MPH the Highlands North course hid that fact nicely with its tree lined fairways.  The field took advantage of the short course to go deep.  The best rounds of the afternoon went to Tom Hayes at +3, Tom Duffy at +2 and Patrick Toney at +2.  Tom Duffy had the hole of the day scoring an eagle on #13.

The field is tight and should provide for a dramatic final round tomorrow.  Kenny, it’s not to late to book a flight and join the scramble tomorrow!  Stay tuned for updates right here at

Harvest Classic 2011 - Rounds 2 & 3

Innisbrook Golf Resort - Palm Harbor, FL

Place Player Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
1 Bob Hayes +6 0 -4   +2
2 Tom Hayes 0 -4 +3   -1
3 Patrick Toney 0 -4 +2   -2
4 Jeff Riester 0 -2 -2   -4
5 Tom Duffy -6 -2 +2   -6
6 Kevin Hayes +4 -8 -3   -7
6 Kent Dickson -7 0 0   -7
8 Vern Shukoski -4 -2 -4   -10
9 Jim Hayes -6 -1 -4   -11
10 Patrick Hayes -8 -7 0   -15
11 Terry Haack -5 -11 -3   -16


Patrick on March 4th, 2011

Round two of the 2011 Harvest Classic is in the books. After another beautiful Florida morning the players are ready to embark on another 18 this afternoon.

Second round points are listed below (pardon the formatting as I am posting from my phone). These points are only for the second round and are not cumulative.

Bob Hayes – even
Kent Dickson – even
Jim Hayes – -1
Tom Duffy – -2
Jeff Riester – -2
Vern Shukoski – -2
Tom Hayes – -4
Patrick Toney – -4
Patrick Hayes – -7
Kevin Hayes – -8
Terry Haack – -11

Stay tuned for the full recap tonight!

Patrick on March 3rd, 2011

After the Harvest Classic players tipped their hats to the missing man formation flyover in honor of Don “Kenny” Hayes, it was on to the start of the 2011 Harvest Classic.  This years tournament marked the 25th anniversary of the competition that began with eight gifted golfers back in 1987.  The tournament returned to Innisbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor, FL where defending champ Bob Hayes had the round of the day grabbing the early lead at +6.  Having taken most of the season off from golf to focus on fishing, Bob was extremely happy with his first round performance.  Bob played with brothers Tom and Jim who were no match for the game that Bob brought.  Tom shot a 73 which made him even for points but Jim couldn’t get the sticks working finishing at -6.

In the second group Kevin Hayes brought his “A” game shooting a 75 which was good for +4 points and second place.  Kevin, who finished third in the 2010 Harvest Classic said he was determined to get his first Harvest Classic win this year.  Along with Tom Hayes, Patrick Toney and Jeff Riester both finished at even points putting them right into the mix going into Friday’s rounds.  When asked for a quote Jeff Riester said “It was great to knock the cobwebs off the clubs and be in position to strike going into Friday.”  Although Jeff played well his prodigy Tom Duffy was not able to bring it in the first round finishing at -6.  Duffy said, “The lunge wasn’t working for me today and I am beginning to think Riester is the only one who can pull it off.”  Lucky for Duffy there were a few players, including myself, who forgot to bring their games today as well.

As for Vern Shukoski he was able to work his way through his loyal fan following to make it to the tee just in time for his round.  Although Vern had a strong start he couldn’t keep it going and ended up in the middle of the pack at -4.  When caught up with Vern after the round he said that the reason he didn’t play his best today was because all of the travel for his book signing was catching up with him.  On his way out the door Vern said, “Lookout because tomorrow is moving day and I’m wearing my Two Men and a Truck shirt!”

Day one is in the books and it was a great day.  The event just doesn’t feel the same without Kenny but he has kept in touch with many of the players so he is definitely here in spirit.  Don “Kenny” Hayes fell ill this week and was not able to make the trip to sunny FL.  Tomorrow the players will play 36 holes and the leaderboard is sure to look different.  Stay tuned to for all the updates and trash talking from Palm Harbor, FL.

Check out your first round leaders below.

Harvest Classic 2011

Innisbrook Golf Resort - Palm Harbor, FL

Place Player Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
1 Bob Hayes +6       +6
2 Kevin Hayes +4       +4
3 Tom Hayes 0       0
3 Patrick Toney 0       0
3 Jeff Riester 0       0
6 Vern Shukoski -4       -4
7 Terry Haack -5       -5
8 Jim Hayes -6       -6
8 Tom Duffy -6       -6
10 Kent Dickson -7       -7
11 Patrick Hayes -8       -8

Patrick on February 25th, 2011

Hot off his 2010 Harvest Classic win, Bob Hayes knows that he is the one to beat this year.  When asked for a comment Bob seemed a bit frustrated that nobody in the 2010 field provided any competition.  “Had I known how bad I would have schooled all of these clowns, I would have looked for a more competitive tournament,” Bob added.  It is hard to argue with his comments as Bob Hayes won the 2010 Harvest Classic by 10 points against the second place Tom Hayes.  When Hayesvsion tracked down Tom Hayes on the driving range this week he refused to comment about losing so bad to his younger brother.  As we left him at the range we did discover a picture of Bobby attached to his golf bag with the words, “You’re Mine!” written across his face.

Those of you have have followed along with the Harvest Classic over the years know that this tournament brings some of the best (and worst, in my case) talent from across the country every year.  This year the field returns to Innisbrook Golf Resort, home of the Transitions Championship PGA tournament.  The cast of characters will look much the same as last year, but the competition is sure to be more intense.  Hayesvision was able to track down Vern Shukoski on the Florida portion of his book signing tour for his latest publication, “How to Improve Your Handicap By Playing The Back Tees”.  Although we weren’t able to spend much time with the busy Shukoski all three fans in attendance could tell that he was out for blood in 2011.  The only comment we could get out of Vern was, “If I keep throwing darts with my 9 iron, this tournament will be over by Friday!”

With only two career Harvest Classic wins to his name, Don Hayes is wondering, “When is it Kenny’s turn to bring the trophy back to A-Town?”  Sources say that the putting green lights have been on long into the night at his Scottsdale residence.  Those sources are not sure if he was actually using those lights to putt or if he just forgot to turn them off.  With plenty of opportunity to work on his game look for Don to be in the final group on Saturday.

Coming off one of the worst performances recorded in Harvest Classic history, Tom Duffy is looking to shock the world with one of the greatest comebacks ever seen.  He was spotted working with swing coach Jeff Riester to get his lunge timed to perfection.  Tom Duffy said that if doesn’t finish better than last year he will be sending his daughter Kate to uphold the family name.

Time will tell how the 2011 Harvest Classic Tournament unfolds but one thing is for certain, there will be some really good…. and really bad…. golf played next weekend.  Stay close by your computers and mobile devices for daily tournament updates, commentary, and photos from yours truly.  Be sure to pick who you think will win the 2011 Harvest Classic in the poll to the right.

Patrick on October 3rd, 2010


I am posting this from my comfortable chair at Fort Wilderness. When the weather gets nice we like to come here and walk around. It is an absolutely amazing day today. We got Hunter dressed up in his fancy button up shirt and took some nice pictures. I am just trying out blogging from my phone. Kinda fun. We are all extremely excited that Fall is here, if only for a brief moment.  The weather this who weekend was just perfect.

We will be uploading some fun images from the day soon.  We hope you enjoy!