Another Awesome Saturday!

Written by Patrick on July 25th, 2015

I am sure it comes as no surprise that Saturday is by far my favorite day of the week.  Today was no exception. We started the day with our weekly visit to Brooklyn Water Bagels in Winter Park which I mentioned in my post from last weekend. Sawyer and I got our regular orders and enjoyed our drive across town together.

We returned to the house with Starbucks and breakfast for Emily who got to enjoy some rare quite time alone.  We devoured our breakfast and spent the rest of the morning making silly videos and playing with the Benny’s Spaceship Lego set. Sawyer is definitely learning his on-screen delivery skills and how to play to the camera from his brother Hunter.  Sawyer decided he was going to create a Public Service Announcement with the help of a Lego guy which you can check out below (kids don’t try this at home)!

The kid just cracks me up!  On a side note I am blown away that I can not only record a video on my phone but also edit it and post it into this blog (which I am also writing on my phone).  Love technology!

After I picked up Hunter from Grandma’s we came back home, suited up, and hit the pool.  Because I have taken a multi year hiatus from blogging I am realizing there are many details I have failed to update on.  One of those details is that we built a pool in our backyard in 2014. I guess as long as I am updating you we also built this house in 2013. We are absolutely loving the house and the pool because it gives us something cool and relaxing to do on the weekends. Below is a panoramic photo of our backyard.


We had a fun afternoon swimming as the boys love to run and jump in the water. The only thing they love more than running and jumping in the water is filming it on the iPhone. Below is a slow-motion video of Hunter and Sawyer jumping in.


After an event afternoon of swimming we headed if for our afternoon chill break and Emily and Sawyer headed out to run a few errands.  Hunter and I got much needed naps as Emily and Sawyer headed off to “earn” some Kohls cash.  We capped of the night with a Christmas in July treat of holiday shaped pancakes for the whole family.  We put the boys to bed and completed our Christmas in July surprise for Sunday morning.  Another update tomorrow to follow.


Brooklyn Water Bagels – Breakfast Outing with Sawyer and Dad

Written by Patrick on July 18th, 2015
Brooklyn Water Bagels

Brooklyn Water Bagels – Winter Park, FL

I used to visit my friend Jon Tettambel up in New Jersey on occasion and every time I visited he would pick up these delicious bagel breakfast sandwiches that I could not wait to eat.  Ever since I was introduced to that amazing Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches on an Everything bagel I have been on a quest to find something as similar as possible that doesn’t require me flying to New Jersey to get it. The claim up in that area is that their bagels taste as a good as they do because of “the water”.

Fast forward to one of our recent trips to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach Florida. As is the normal ritual we checked our smart phones to see if there was a bagel sandwich store somewhere near the resort.  Emily located a bagel shop about 15 minutes from the resort called Brooklyn Water Bagels. Based on everything I knew about bagels I felt this place had as good of a chance as any to have the sandwich that we were looking for.

We could not have been more right!  The bagels were as good as we remembered and the sandwiches were amazing too. After our discovery in Vero Beach we quickly went back to the smart phones to determine if there was a Brooklyn Water Bagels somewhere in Orlando. Much to our surprise we found one located in Winter Park just blocks from where I originally lived when I first came down to Florida to attend Full Sail.

Brooklyn Water Bagels - Homemade Bagels

Brooklyn Water Bagels – Homemade Bagels

For the past several months Sawyer and I have made it a ritual that every Saturday morning he and I would wake up, get dressed, hop in the car and head to Winter Park, to Brooklyn Water Bagels to pick up our family weekend breakfast.  One of the awesome things about Brooklyn Water Bagels is that the make their bagels in house and have a window you can observe through as you wait in line to place your order.  We have our order down to a science as I order a bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich For Emily and I to share and Sawyer gets an order of bagel tasters. He eats the bagel tasters in the car on the way home and I have to control my urge to devour my half of the sandwich until I get home.

Although the breakfast sandwich is not an exact replica of the amazingness that we had in New Jersey, it is the closest thing that we have found in our years of searching. For those bagel sandwich purists out there the one thing that Brooklyn Water Bagels does differently is that they chop all their eggs and meat and cheese up and combine it so it’s all in very small chunks. It still tastes delicious to me but the texture difference might throw some of you off.

Hunter has now joined in the fun as for many of our first visits he would be staying with Kee and Colonel on Friday night and not be around on Saturday morning for breakfast. But since he has been around for the last few weekends (due to Grandma Curly’s broken finger… long story) he too is enjoying a plain bagel with butter. If you have not had a chance to stop by a Brooklyn Water Bagels I would strongly suggest that you do so. The bagels are simply the best Florida has to offer!  And I can’t beat my traveling companion. It was awesome getting to spend time with my buddy Sawyer!

In case you are looking for the Brooklyn Water Bagels location in Winter Park, FL I have provided a map below.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp Week 1 – Hunter Had a Blast!

Written by Patrick on July 17th, 2015
Disney's Animal Kingdom Camp

Hunter’s First Week – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp

The highly anticipated Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp week one finally came and went and Hunter loved every minute.  This was Hunter’s third year in a row that he has attended the camp, for which he provides rave reviews each and every day he attends.  This year Hunter will be attending two weeks of the camp, and he is fired up about next week because his buddy Austin will be attending as well.

The week provided a lot of Hunter & Dad time because we get to travel both to and from work together.  We had some interesting discussions throughout the week as we talked about pet fish and pet snakes as well as solar power cars (blown away sometimes at how his brain works – especially at 8 am)!

At camp this week they got to do a ton of cool park and animal experiences including: Epcot – The Seas with Nemo & Friends (both the pavilion and the ride), Animal Kingdom Lodge (savannah safari), Epcot- The Land Pavilion (both the boat ride and the Behind the Seeds tour), and then Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the last two days where they rode Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest and Dinosaur.  Hunter normally opts out of both Expedition Everest as well as Dinosaur, but I have to say I was really proud of him for overcoming his fears and riding Dinosaur for the first time today!  He did mention that he closed his eyes for the entire ride but hey… baby steps!  They also provide animal experiences where an animal expert brought a creature and taught the kids about it.  Hunter was in heaven today because the showcase was a pine snake.

I continue to be impressed every year that he attends at how amazing the Cast Members are, many of whom return to do this year after year.  It was really great to walk up on day one and hear multiple Cast Members shout “Hunter!!” as we approached.  You can tell they take time to get to know the kids, and it shows in how much they love attending this camp.

I am excited for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp week two as Hunter gets to go with his buddy Austin and share some of his favorite things with his best friend from school.  I am sure the car ride will provide for some interesting dialogue and stories that I can share next week.  I forgot to mention that the camp is only available to Cast Members and friends and family so you can’t find much information about it online.


Staycation – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train & More!

Written by Patrick on July 11th, 2015

Another Beautiful Day at the Parks!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Magic Kingdom – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We decided that since we were staying at Polynesian that we would get up early and take advantage of the morning hours at the Magic Kingdom. We dragged ourselves out of bed, showered and took a stroll to the Ticket and Transportation Center to board the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Our timing couldn’t have been better as the monorail arrived just as we did and took us smoothly to the main entrance.

Rising early has it’s benefits as we got to experience the opening show at the train station just before 9 am. We all enjoyed the show and joined the cattle heard into the park and made our war to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

We managed to make it to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at a minute before 9 (which is awesome that they let you in before park open)!  Amazingly enough the wait was 30 minutes when we arrived. The line moved quickly and we got to enjoy the new attraction. Sawyer loved it!

Because we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet we decided to head over to the Sleepy Hollow Refreshments location Liberty Square for some delicious waffles.  The boys and waffles does powdered sugar and Emily and I had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. If you have not had these yet I strongly recommend them.  Although the food was delicious, clean up after a meal like this requires a yard blower to clear all the powdered sugar off the table.

Now that we had some sustenance it was time to knock out some of our favorite attractions.  Because it was too early and we got to experience some of our favorite attractions like Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and the People Mover.  It was neat to see some of the new additions to the Buzz ride.

Of course no day would be complete without an overpriced cup of ice coffee so we headed to Starbucks on Main Street.  I appreciated the air conditioning and Emily appreciated her caffeine fix.

Earlier in the day we agreed that we hadn’t been on the Liberty Square Riverboat in a long time so we were going to do that today. Although the weather was a bit on the warm side we enjoyed exploring the steam boat and taking in the park views from the water.

We continued with our exploration of Liberty Square and headed to our favorite Magic Kingdom eatery, Columbia Harbor House.  They have great choices and really delicious food. Emily and I shared the fried shrimp and lobster roll and the kids got their normal chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese. The unique thing about the restaurant is they have an upstairs dining are which is neatly themed.

During lunch we agreed we were getting tired and hot so we decided our final two activities would be a train ride to Fantasyland an an the air conditioned attractionUnder the sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid. Perfect end to a fun morning at Magic Kingdom.

The evening plans involved heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios so heading back to the hotel to chill was a definite must do. Because I wanted to take advantage of the boat transportation and the rest wanted air conditioning, Em and boys took monorail, and I hit the open water. Lucky I did because I ran into Lindsey who we had just met a few weeks back when Emily and I went out to dinner.  We caught up on the ride to the Grand Floridian where she departed.

We took the afternoon to relax in the room with some air conditioning and Mai Tai’s for Emily and I, which I have to say hit the spot! We freshened up a bit and decided that i would ride the bus with the boys to the Studios and Emily would drive so we had the car to take back to the hotel at the end of the evening. The boys like the bus rides so who am I to keep them from the fun. Turns out Sawyer decided to delay his nap that he could have taken at any point in the afternoon, to the bus ride to the Studios. Hunter was about two turns away from falling asleep himself.

The night at the Studios was perfect as we met Colonel and Kee and rode Toy Story Midway Mania, had an amazing dinner at Mama Melrose’s, and finished the evening with the amazing Frozen Fireworks which all of us were seeing for the first time. Not much more you can ask for riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Toy Story Midway Mania and seeing fireworks all in one day!


Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Staycation

Written by Patrick on July 10th, 2015

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto & More!

Trader Sam's Grog Grotto

Disney’s Polynesian – Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

After work I met the family at the Polynesian Resort for a weekend staycation. Emily arrived before I did and was exploring the resort with the boys which allowed me to check in without them knowing because it was a surprise. I completed checking in, collected or leis, and met the family upstairs where Em and I told them we would be staying the weekend. After we got our clothes situated in the room it was time to check-out the new Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. Since we had recently visited the location at Disneyland we wanted to see how our Florida version compared.

We pulled up to a table on the back patio in the corner as we had our choice of spots being 1 of 3 tables enjoying cocktails at 5:30 pm (can you say problem)?  We enjoyed our drinks to the smooth sounds of the Hawaiian guitar player as the sun worked its way toward the horizon. We munched on some delicious appetizers as the kids enjoyed their turkey sandwich and hot dog.  The Hawaiian Poke with Siracha Aioli and Pan-Fried Dumplings were delicious and went well with our mai-tai’s.  After our drinks, great food, and relaxation, we decided it was time to head to the room to get changed for some night swimming.

On our way to the newly refurbished pool we had to stop at the campfire to enjoy a few roasted marshmallows.  The Polynesian Cast were setting up marshmallows on sticks for the kids to roast and enjoy.  After the boys devoured a half a bag of the white puffy goodness, we heeded the age old advice and waited 30 seconds before jumping into the pool (was it supposed to be 30 min?). The pool was awesome and the weather could not have been more perfect for swimming. Like many Disney resort pools, the Polynesian pool has a fun water slide into the main pool. The entire family loved the slide as we took as half dozen rides down. For those that haven’t been on it yet it is very dark and has a bunch of turns. Sawyer absolutely loved the slide and might be the bravest one in our family.

After we had our fill of swimming and sliding we grabbed some cookies and a nightcap and carved out a spot on the Polynesian beach to watch the 10 o’clock Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom. The weather was perfect as the show provided a great ending to a really enjoyable Friday evening. We retired to our room with two tired boys who were ready to call it a night. Looking forward to more fun and relaxation tomorrow.

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Kee’s Birthday

Written by Patrick on February 18th, 2012

Because the Colonel has to work tomorrow we are celebrating Grandma Kee’s birthday tonight. Looking forward to Beer Can Chicken!



Hilton Head – Day 1

Written by Patrick on November 3rd, 2011

Hunter and I spent the morning exploring our favorite locations around Hilton Head Island. We were in search of frogs or lizards, neither of which we were able to find.

After exploring the corners of the island with Hunter, the Colonel and I decided to rent some bikes and take our annual ride along the beach. The weather was perfect for the ride as we enjoyed a nice breeze off the ocean.


After our ride on the beach, Hunter, Emily and Grandma met us for a nice lunch at the resort beach house.



Hanging in The Backyard

Written by Patrick on October 27th, 2011

Hunter and I are enjoying a beautiful evening in the backyard catching lizards.



Patrick Toney wins the 2011 Harvest Classic!

Written by Patrick on March 5th, 2011
Innisbrook Golf Club Palm Harbor, FL

Innisbrook Golf Club, Patrick Toney wins the 2011 Harvest Classic!

The 25th annual Harvest Classic Golf Tournament has come to a close and has crowned first time winner Patrick Toney as the champ.  Based on a late game decision by Harvest Commissioner James Hayes the tournament was extended to five rounds and the scramble tournament was canceled.  Knowing that the leaders had another 36 holes to play caused many of the contenders to lose sleep due to nerves.

The players all arose at 6:00 to make their first tee time off the back nine of the Island Course that they played on Friday.  The round of the morning belonged to Patrick Toney scoring +5 points and putting him in a tie for first with early leader Bob Hayes.  Jim Hayes also had a great round at the Island Course scoring +3 points trying to stage one of the greatest comebacks in Harvest history.  Brothers Bob and Tom Hayes both scored +1 against their quota and comprised two of the players, along with Patrick Toney and Jim Hayes that would complete the final pairing.

Everything was riding on the final 18 holes which was played at the Copperhead Course which was in preparation for the Transitions PGA  Tournament  which will be played in two weeks.  The greens were fast and the rough was long but that was no match for the talented golfers.  What was clearly the most difficult round of the tournament for the entire field was dominated by Patrick Toney.  Talk about strong finishes Toney scored +7 points to his quota and ended up beating second place finisher Bob Hayes by 8 points.   When we caught up with Toney after the round and he said, “I was in the zone man!”

Hayesvision also had a chance to talk with a disappointed Vern Shukoski who immediately left the 18th green to pack his bags for the next leg of his book signing tour.  Vern said, “You can’t blame me and my game for gravitating toward my competition.  I hope we can open the field up next year to bring some competitors of my caliber.”

The biggest move of the tournament belonged to Kent Dickson who moved from 10th place after the opening round and finishing in 4th.  Dickson was found looking for flights home on Thursday night but admitted he was happy he stayed.

Hayesvision was also able to catch up with Terry Haack after Saturday’s final round for comments on his last place finish.  Haack said, “With Kenny gone I just couldn’t find my mojo.”    The entire field echoed Haack’s sentiments agreeing that without Don “Kenny” Hayes around the Harvest Classic just isn’t the same.

As always the Harvest Classic was a great chance to catch up with an awesome group of guys.  Thanks to the Harvest group and all of the Hayes brothers for continuing a great tradition.  Hayesvision also wants to thank Vern Shukoski for organizing this great event and providing us with endless material.  Also a huge congratulations goes out to Patrick Toney for getting his first Harvest Classic victory!

Below are the final scores for the tournament from Innisbrook Golf Club, Palm Harbor, FL.

Harvest Classic 2011 - Rounds 4 & 5

Innisbrook Golf Resort - Palm Harbor, FL

Place Player Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total
1 Patrick Toney 0 -4 +2 +5 +7 +10
2 Bob Hayes +6 0 -4 +1 -1 +2
3 Tom Hayes 0 -4 +3 +1 -1 -1
4 Kent Dickson -7 0 0 -5 0 -12
5 Vern Shukoski -4 -2 -4 -6 0 -16
5 Kevin Hayes +4 -8 -3 -6 -3 -16
7 Tom Duffy -6 -2 +2 -7 -4 -17
8 Jim Hayes -6 -1 -4 +3 -6 -18
9 Jeff Riester 0 -2 -2 -9 -9 -22
10 Patrick Hayes -8 -7 0 -2 -6 -23
11 Terry Haack -5 -11 -3 -10 -4 -33


Harvest Classic 2011 – Day 3

Written by Patrick on March 5th, 2011

After a late night decision by the Commish Jim Hayes the 2011 Harvest Classic was extended to five rounds due to the fact that the final round will be played at the Copperhead course.

Fourth round scores were as follows:

Patrick Toney – +5
Jim Hayes – +3
Bob Hayes – +1
Tom Hayes – +1
Patrick Hayes – -2
Kent Dickson – -5
Kevin Hayes – -6
Vern Shukoski – -6
Tom Duffy – -7

Jeff Riester –  -9

Terry Haack – -10

The final pairing for the final round will be Bob Hayes +3, Patrick Toney +3, Tom Hayes 0, and Jim Hayes -8. Stay tuned for the nail-biting final right here at Hayesvision.