HayesPlays 407 Launches on YouTube

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Over the last few weeks Hunter and I have been having a lot of fun photographing and editing stop motion Lego videos.  Hunter decided that we should create a YouTube channel for he and Sawyer so they could share their video creations with the world. With a little brainstorming we decided on the name HayesPlays 407 (Orlando area code) for the name of their channel.  I provided a link for you to check it out if you want to subscribe to their channel.

Once we decided upon the name we first wanted to created a cute profile picture that we could use for the YouTube channel.  We headed up to Hunter’s room, dumped out his Lego guy bin, and started building Lego guys that looked like both of the boys.  This proved to be a lot of fun, and Emily was the perfect builder for this project because she is the only person in the house with enough patience to find the perfect pieces to achieve accurate Lego representation.  We settled on the image below that we used for the profile picture.  They even come complete with their favorite snack choices.

Lego Youtube Profile

After capturing and uploading the profile picture it was clear that we needed something clever for our YouTube cover art for the HayesPlays 407 channel.  Not sure I realized that we would be spending the next two hours on this project but lo and behold, I got in deeper than I had originally planned (not the first time that has happened)!  The plan was to spell out the name of the channel in Legos and place our newly created characters in front of the letters.  Although the project took a little longer than anticipated I think it was worth the effort as, not only was it fun, but I think we got a pretty good product.  Below is the final image we created.

HayesPlays Youtube Lego Cover Art

Now that we had the channel launched, Hunter and I were eager to add sound effects to the photo sequence we completed last weekend, so we could get our first video uploaded to our channel.  I am not sure who had more fun, Hunter or I, but we got a kick out of picking the right sounds and coming up with silly ideas for captions and voiceovers.  We found this really great video on YouTube that had a download of a ton of Minecraft sound effects that we used for a lot of the sounds.  It also gave us lots of ideas for future videos that we want to create. (If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, these sounds are part and parcel of the game, where none of the characters speak actual words and the sounds effects are exaggerated.)

So without further adieu, I present to you the first ever HayesPlays 407 Youtube video (and hopefully not the last).  If you like the video, or just want to show Hunter and Sawyer your support, please visit their HayesPlays 407 channel, subscribe, and give the videos you like a thumbs up.

I have created this section on Hayesvision so I can show my support to Hunter and Sawyer’s new endeavor.  If you like this video make sure to check out our first Lego Jurassic Back to the Future World video that I shared in a previous post.  If you like the video or want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below.  Hoping to have more fun videos for you to watch in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for following along!

2 thoughts on “HayesPlays 407 Launches on YouTube

  1. Patrick Post author

    Thanks Court! The boys are really enjoying it (as is Dad). Gives us fun projects to work on together. They appreciate your support!

  2. Court

    LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!!! How cool and I will definitely be following 🙂 Way to go boys!!

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