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2017 Disney Dream 3 Night Bahamas Cruise – Sawyer’s 5th Birthday Day 3

Disney’s Castaway Cay Island Morning Day three of the three day Bahamas cruise always pulls you in two directions.  On one hand it is amazing because you get to enjoy the day on one of the most beautiful islands on earth.  On the other hand, it is your last day of the cruise which means tomorrow you are back to… Read more »

Disney Dream Cruise Vacation 2015 – Day 4, Another Shot at Castaway Cay

As I awoke on day four I had my fingers crossed as I approached our curtains hoping when I pulled them back I would see clear skies over Castaway Cay, and I did!  I lightly encouraged the troops to get their butts out of bed because it was beach or bust today. I am sure this will come as a… Read more »

Disney Dream Cruise Vacation 2015 – Day 2, Castaway Cay

I would argue there is no better place in the world to wake up than Castaway Cay. Even though the weather was a bit overcast it still was truly awesome to be docked at the amazing island. Emily was smart and had ordered a few things from room service to help tide us over until breakfast (only on a cruise… Read more »