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The Disney Fantasy ten night Caribbean Cruise was hands down the best family vacation we have ever been on.  Cruising has quickly become one of our favorite ways to vacation, and Disney does it best.  In 2017 Disney offered two new itineraries that hadn’t been done before, an eleven night and ten night cruise that sailed back-to-back during the summer.  We were lucky enough to get to partake in the second of the two cruises, the ten night Caribbean cruise.


Disney Fantasy 10 Night - St. Kitts

The cruise and itinerary could not have been more perfectly planned and executed.  We departed Port Canaveral on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 and enjoyed our embarkation day 1.  We spent the first day exploring the ship and getting our stateroom set up so we could relax and enjoy the entirety of the cruise.


Because our first island destination was Aruba, it required two days at sea for the Disney Fantasy to make its way to the port.  This was the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy the restaurants, pool and gaming area, and get a few rounds of Midship Detective Agency under our belts.  Emily and I were even lucky enough to enjoy a brunch at Palo while the boys enjoyed the Oceaneers Club.


On day four we arrived at our first island destination of Aruba.  We headed off the ship and grabbed a taxi with the intention of heading to an area called Palm Beach to enjoy some swimming and sunshine.  Our cab driver, Elvis, offered to give us a tour of the island and we accepted.  It was a fantastic adventure around the beautiful island with a few picturesque stops along the way.


Day five presented another breathtaking stop at the island of Curacao.  Emily had booked a bus tour of the island that took us in a loop across the entire island.  Since I have a bit of motion sickness (OK more than a bit) I got sick about 3 minutes into the drive and it took everything in me to keep down my breakfast.  Although the drive was a bit windy, there were several stops overlooking the bluest water you have ever seen.


As if perfectly planned, day six on the ship was a day at sea as we worked our way to our next island.  This gave us time to rest, relax and enjoy some of our favorite ship activities.  The highlight of the day was meeting Captain Fabian in the deck 3 shops where he signed a few items for the boys.


Day seven we were ready to take on another island and St. Kitts happened to just the island we were looking for.  Emily had done some research prior to leaving and found a Marriott resort on the island that sold day passes to enjoy the beach pool area.  We snagged a cab and had an absolutely amazing time.  The weather wasn’t perfect but we made the most out of it.  Since it was the 4th of July there were tons of festivities on deck 11 in the evening, including fireworks!


Following the amazing day in St. Kitts we were swept away to the island of Tortola for the eight day of our sea adventure.  Since we had been to Tortola on a previous cruise, we decided to just get off the ship and explore the port area shops.  We enjoyed a couple of cocktails and took a bunch of fun photos with the ship and island in the background.


We followed up Tortola with another day at sea on day nine before arriving at Castaway Cay on the tenth and final day of the cruise.  The weather was absolutely perfect at this little slice of heaven.  Emily and Hunter enjoyed snorkeling and we all took a few turns going down the Pelican Plunge.  Lunch at Cookies Too and we headed back to the ship to enjoy our final evening.


There were so many fun details and memories made on this cruise around the Caribbean.  Be sure to check out each of the blog posts below for fun stories and photos from our adventure.  You can also check out the Disney Cruise page which has links to all of the cruise adventures that we have been on as a family!

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