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The Old Spanish Sugar Mill & Our Trip Around Central Florida

It was my last official day off of work for my Christmas holiday break, and we wanted to spend it hanging out as a family. Hunter had mentioned a few days prior that he really wanted to go back to the Old Spanish Sugar Mill for their all-you-can-cook-and-eat pancake breakfast. It had been about two years since our last visit… Read more »

 Kona Cafe, Ritz Carlton Spa, Sanaa & More – Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

It was a beautiful weekend in Central Florida and it just so happened to land perfectly on Mother’s Day Weekend. We had a few things planned for Emily but we also wanted to provide some downtime for her to just relax.  The weekend, like most of Emily’s celebrations, was a Mother’s Day Fest, involving multiple days of pampering the Queen. The… Read more »

Guys Day at Cocoa Beach & Ghostbusters

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It was an absolutely perfect weather day in Florida as Emily had plans to head down to Sarasota with Grandma Kee. This meant that it was guys’ day at the Hayes house, and I needed a plan for some fun with the boys.  The last time we had a guys day we had an amazing day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. … Read more »

Beautiful Florida Sunset Time Lapse Fun!

I have been fascinated by time lapse photography for a while, but never really took the time to try my hand at capturing the images and putting them together.  Recently I took my Nikon D7100 camera down to the neighborhood lake and captured a few hundred still images of a really beautiful sunset over the water (video shown below).  One of… Read more »

Shopping in Cocoa Beach, Disney Cruise Ship & Trains – A Fun Valentine Birthdayfest

Our long weekend shopping in Cocoa Beach, watching the cruise ships at Jetty Park, and a Sunrail trip to Winter Park, all got started Sunday morning as Emily prepared her delicious Chocolate Chip Scones and I went to get her morning go-juice from the local Starbucks.  I returned home to the delicious aromas of baked breakfast goodness.  To accompany her tasty… Read more »

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Breakfast… Errrr, Lunch

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill at De Leon Springs State Park It was a year ago this month when we first ventured out to the highly recommended Old Spanish Sugar Mill in De Leon Springs.  For those of you who have been there, you know that the visit to the De Leon Springs State Park, and the restaurant that is… Read more »

Road Trip 2010 – Day 17

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Seconds after I woke up today, I remembered that we were still in Orangeburg, SC, and it wasn’t just a bad dream.  I decided to rally the troops to get us out the door as quickly as possible so we could complete the last six hours of our road trip.  We picked through the limited breakfast choices, and I tried… Read more »

Road Trip 2010 – Day 4

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Today was our day to pack up the car and continue to head North.  After Hunter polished off the box of chocolate chip waffles, we got the car packed, said our goodbyes and continued on our journey.  Our destination for this Monday was Winchester, VA.  The drive was roughly 5 hours, and Emily had a stop planned for us at… Read more »