23 Hours of Mickey… A Sad Tale

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For as much time as we spend at Disney, my assumption is you are thinking this post is about one of our crazy weekend experiences at the park.  While you would be correct on the weekend part, this had nothing to do with any theme park at all.

It started Saturday when Emily needed to run to Michael’s to pick up a few supplies for her holiday craft making. The boys and I agreed to accompany her for the drive and lunch at Red Robin, then diverted into PetCo when it came time to shop.  We didn’t set out with any intention to purchase, but we had be discussing the possibility of getting a bigger fish tank.  A little over a year ago, Hunter, Sawyer and I took a weekend and cleaned out our small fish tank to try our hand at pet fish, part deux.  A couple years prior to that experience we had a two week stint where we bought a tank, set it up, killed a couple fish, and closed up shop.  

Since that experience we have managed to keep one of the two fish that we purchased last summer alive (which was a win in my book).  Although we had two fish at the end of last summer, Baymax and Arnold, Arnold decided he wanted a bachelor pad and did away with his healthcare companion.  Arnold has been alone ever since (roughly 6 months).  

Hayes Family Fish Tank

Fast forward to this weekend, we saw a great deal on a 10 gallon tank with a lit lid and decided we were going to make the upgrade.  We brought it home Saturday and set it up so the water could cycle for 24 hours in preparation for the move.  We also agreed that it was time to introduce another fish to the tank since there would be ample space for Arnold and a new friend.  

The boys and I headed out Sunday to do some Christmas shopping for Emily at Kohl’s, then swung through PetCo on the way home to pick up a new fish.  Since Arnold is a Beta fish, we asked two different PetCo employees which fish would be the best companion for Arnold, knowing that he was prone to knock off anyone who swam within two inches of him.  Both of the employees agreed that a Platy was a good choice and they just so happened to have Platy’s with a Mickey Mouse design in the tail, how perfect.  Since it was Sawyer’s fish Baymax who swirled his way into eternity, Sawyer got to pick and name the fish, Mickey.

Hunter watching his new fish tank

We brought Mickey home in the designer plastic bag, following the instructions to a tee.  We let the bag acclimate the the tank temperature as we introduced Arnold to his new home.  After 20 minutes we introduced Mickey to the new tank and enjoyed the afternoon watching the two explore their new home.  There were a few times that Arnold chased Mickey around but for the most part, they looked like they were minding their own business.We bid them both good night, turned out the new tank light and retired for the evening.  

Since I am always the first to rise, I headed out to the kitchen to get breakfast going prior to work and school.  I checked in on our little buddies and Mickey had his head stuck in one of our new tank decorations.  I assumed that he was just sleeping but when I returned an hour later I noticed there was a chunk out of his tail and a huge white spot on his head.  Things were not looking good for Mick.  I went off to work only to get a call from Emily and Sawyer late in the afternoon that PopPa Colonel had to send Mickey to the ocean as well.  Sawyer shed a few tears but managed to bounce back rather quickly.

Well Mickey, for what it’s worth, we loved ya.  Hope you enjoyed your 23 hours in the Casa De La Hayes Tank.  There is currently a warrant out for Arnold’s arrest.  

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