Hunter’s Fun Run, Sawyer’s Sick Day

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Friday was an exciting day because I was able to start work from home so that Emily and I could divide and conquer the two school functions that were both happening at 10 am. Sawyer has a Halloween party at his school and Hunter had the Boosterthon Fun Run at his school.  Since Emily is the classroom mom at Sawyer’s school she decided that she would go with Sawyer and that I would go with Hunter.  The plan was perfect until I went to wake up Sawyer and found that he had thrown up all over his bed.  He had not been feeling well for the past couple days and it finally came out, literally.  Due to his condition we decided that he should stay home from school and we should all go to watch Hunter run later that morning.  As you can see in the photo below, Hunter has his game face on and was ready to go.

Hunter Sunblaze Fun Run

Sawyer however was not quite so excited that he would be missing his chance to be Indiana Jones at his school Halloween party.

Sawyer as a Sad Indiana Jones

Since Hunter’s school is a short 10 minute walk from our house, we packed up the stroller and headed to watch Hunter run with the rest of the second and third graders at the SunBlaze Elementary School.   Hunter was very excited to run with his buddy Austin and, because they’re both huge fans of Jurassic World, they decided they were going to run as a raptors seen below.

Hunter and Austin as Raptor Runners

After an extended period of detailed instructions, Hunter was ready to get his running on. He wanted to be quick out of the gate as seen below.  Although after his quick burst he would stop and wait for his buddy Austin to catch up so they could run together.

Hunter Takes off at the Fun Run

Like the great big brother he is, Hunter took some time to stop by and say hello to his little bro.  Although slightly under the weather, I think Sawyer really appreciated it.

Hunter Love His Little Bro

Part of the Boosterthon fun is that each lap has a different theme and this particular lap was put your arm around your buddies neck and do a lap as a team.   Austin and Hunter made quite a team.

Hunter and Austin, Teamwork

To ensure that each of the kids do their laps that they’re allotted, the teachers sit at the end of a lap and mark the back of each kid’s T-shirt. Below Austin and Hunter are showing off their progress that they completed their 35 laps.  They were quite proud of themselves.

Hunter & Austin, Counting Laps

I am proud of Hunter as he ended up doing 36 laps and kept trying the entire time. We had a lot of fun and helped raise some money for his school.  Thanks to all the friends and family that donated to the cause!

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