Because It Feels Good to Beat the Crap Out of Something

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Jackie3.jpgIt has been said that the euphoria you feel after a good workout is similar to the rush of endorfins you get when you are in love. I don’t know if it is quite that for me, but I am definitely lovin’ me some exercise these days.

There is something about going to the gym and working up a good sweat that just feels so damn good. I like to put on a few miles on the treadmill, give the elliptical or the stairmaster a whirl, and there’s a plethora of machines I like to use. But lately? What I am enjoying most? Is the discovery of the Bag Class.

Not only is the Bag Class an awesome workout, but it just feels awesome to beat the crap out of that bag. An uppercut here, a well placed kick there, over and over again. Just awesome. And yes, I am picturing a certain bitch someone in particular in my head while I’m punching. Isn’t that what the bag is for anyway? Trust me, she’s not lookin’ too pretty by the time I get done with her it, but me? It’s working WONDERS for me.

I also find it very interesting how many men there are in this class as opposed to any other class there. It’s like at least half men. Like this class is obviously macho enough for men to feel okay about participating in without having to worry about being called a sissy, or something. All I know is Brett wants to go next week, so what does that tell you?

Lately the gym has been packed in the morning, so if you want a machine you have to get there and sign up or you are SOL. Today when I got up to the treadmills I signed up for my machine and headed over to find some guy standing on it. Not walking or running, but standing. And as he is standing there he is shaking a clipboard at the guy on the treadmill next to mine muttering something about how he was signed up for that time and the guy on the machine is not and he better get off, blah, blah, blah. And the guy running on the treadmill starts shouting about how he did sign up and maybe someone switched the sign up sheets because his name was on there and why don’t you just go use another machine since there are other empty ones, blah, blah, blah. Which sounds like a load of crap to me, and he’s not even a very good liar, but meanwhile I am still waiting to use my machine.

Next thing I know they are both shouting at each other and yelling for the trainer on duty to come over to settle this argument. So she tells the guy on the treadmill he has to move since his name is not on the sheet, and he does. To the the treadmill on the other side of me, so now I am in the middle of them. Nice.

And so they continue to make obnoxious comments to one another, except by this time I have my ipod on full blast and I cannot hear it anymore, but I can see them doing it. And I am getting afraid that I may have to take a punch from one of them, since I am in the middle and all. Then this other totally random guy comes over and tells them to give it a rest. And so the guy on my right leaves, although I totally expected him to be waiting in the stairwell when the guy on my left went downstairs, and the guy on my left kept looking over his shoulder like every two minutes, looking a little nervous.

That’s what you get when youpick a fight over a treadmill, man. Shoulda joined the Bag Class if you ask me.

By the way, if you are into reading the thoughts of some other gym junkies like me, you should totally check out The People Under the Stairmasters which is co-run by my Blog Exchange partner last month, the very talented Alex Elliot. This blog is cracking my ass up with the commentary on the people at the gym. Or you could try watching the BRAVO show Workout, like we do. And if you don’t work out regularly, maybe you will just feel like you did!