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Blog Issues

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As you can see, my blog is totally posting backwards.  Not sure why this is so. I’ll be back when I get it figured out….


The Guilt and The Meme

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Yep. It’s really me. After a two month hiatus (I am not the only one), I am giving this blog thing a try again. I know you thought I gave up Blogging for Lent, but I really think it was the NaBloPoMo that did me in. Either that or it’s the freaking sweatshop hours I have been working between three and a half jobs and my, um, life? Funny how life gets in the way of the really important things, like maintaining a blog, huh? Anyway, awhile back, when Brett’s…read more


NaBloPoMo: It’s a Journey I’m Glad I Took

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Today is the last day and I have literally run out of steam. While I want to write, my head is swimming with thoughts and they are all incoherent.  I have things I want to write about, but no energy to write them. NaBloPoMo was a good challenge, but the next time I write it will be because I want to.  Not because I have to.  And that will feel good. Anyone else as tired as I am? ********************************************* Today I am thankful: It’s over.


Cut Me Some Slack

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Until this minute, I was home a total of one hour today. From 3:00 to 4:00. So this is my totally lame I’ve Been Working Fourteen Hours Today And Dragged My Kids All Over Town post. I am officially exhausted. No lunches are packed. No one is ready for tomorrow, but everyone but me is tucked into bed. At least tomorrow is Friday. Thanks for understanding. I figure the fact that I’ve made it this far in NaBloPoMo is pretty awesome considering all that I am juggling. And I am…read more


Two Wheeler

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With all this working that is going on around here, there has not exactly been what you would call quality time with the kids, if you know what I mean.  One of us is always here with them, but it is only one of us.  You can only spread yourself so thin. So Sunday we decided to take some time to teach Trent to ride his bike without the training wheels.  He has been begging to learn. We rode over to the nearby school and used their track area since…read more


Preschool Quote of the Day

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Me: Why don’t you come and sit right here, dear? Connor: I’m not a deer! I’m a boy! *********************************************** Today I am thankful: For wonderful room mothers in my class.


Trying to Understand Why

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Today I heard the saddest news I have heard in a long time. The mother of one of my preschool students was expecting a baby next month and discovered on Thanksgiving Day that the baby had died in utero with the cord wrapped around it’s neck. She then had to deliver this baby. As a mother, trying to imagine this level of pain is incomprehensible. Something that should have been joyous was instead tragic and devastating. How do you recover from something like this? I know God has a plan…read more


An Open Letter to Video Game Executives

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Dear Nintendo of America, Inc. Executives, I am sure that you are pretty proud of yourselves. You must be sitting smugly in your cushy offices in Redmond, Washington nodding at each other in satisfaction. And I am sure your counterparts in Japan are doing the same. Meanwhile the parents of children all over America are panicstricken. They are scared to death of Christmas morning. I’m certain that you don’t care too much about the panic you helped create, because that panic is helping to line your pockets, but as you…read more


It Just Wasn’t Meant to Be

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The people who made the crappy offer on our house? The ones who wanted to close on New Year’s Eve? Well, they decided to take their crappy offer elsewhere. Before we could even counter offer, I might add. They claim they found a house that was smaller and less expensive than ours. Good. I didn’t like them anyway. 😛 Except that now it looks like I may have to actually decorate for Christmas. Damn! ***************************************** I am thankful for: My friend, Patrick, who helps me with the technical stuff on…read more